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How marijuana Helps Control Epileptic Seizures

About 30% of patients with epilepsy don’t respond to anti-seizure medications. The Epilepsy Foundation supports the rights of patients and families living with seizures and epilepsy to access all physician-directed care, including medical marijuana. Buy legal marijuana online USA

If you’re considering medical marijuana to help manage epilepsy or another seizure disorder, here are six strains to discuss with your epilepsy specialist and ask about when you visit a budtender at your local medical marijuana dispensary.

  • Cannatonic: This hybrid offers a THC content of around 6%, with CBD ranging from 6% to 17%, making it powerfully relaxing and beneficial for seizure management.
  • Charlotte’s Web: This CBD-dominant strain contains 11%-13% CBD and less than 1%THC, much more CBD than average. Charlotte’s Web products are generally taken in liquid form or as gels or patches, rather than being smoked or vaped. If you’re considering Charlotte’s Web, it may be less expensive to have your doctor prescribe Epidiolex (on/off-label) if your insurance plan covers the medication. Buy legal marijuana online USA .
  • Grape Ape: This relaxing strain offers 18%-21% THC with minimal CBD, producing an all-over calm that can benefit people with seizure disorders. 
  • Haleigh’s Hope: A competitor of Charlotte’s Web, Haleigh’s Hope offers a CBD-to-THC ratio of 24:1. Users report that its mellowing effect makes it appropriate for day or nighttime use. Buy legal marijuana online USA
  • Harlequin: This balanced strain offers 3%-6% THC  and 7%-9% CBD, minimizing THC side effects such as paranoia, dizziness and euphoria.
  • Purple Urkle: This strain offers 13%-18% THC to less than 1% CBD, for an all-over relaxing effect. Buy legal marijuana online USA

Using medical marijuana to reduce seizure frequency can be a matter of trial and error. If you find a successful strain that helps manage seizure disorder, talk to your doctor and/or budtender about a dose and frequency that would be the most therapeutic, while minimizing side effects. In clinical trials of CBD as an epilepsy treatment, patients received CBD oil twice a day. Buy legal marijuana online USA .

Side effects of medical marijuana to watch out for include anxiety, panic attacks and even increased seizure frequency, especially with high-THC strains. CBD-dominant medical marijuana may cause minor side effects, such as sleepiness, fatigue, diarrhea, and appetite changes.  

How it works

Both THC and CBD are in a group of substances called cannabinoids. They bind to receptors in the brain and are effective against pain associated with conditions like multiple sclerosis and HIV/AIDS. By attaching to receptors, they block the transmission of pain signals. CBD binds to more than just pain receptors. It appears to work on other signaling systems within the brain and has protective and anti-inflammatory properties. Buy legal marijuana online USA .

Exactly how it works in epilepsy isn’t fully understood. But there have been small studies that show the results of using CBD. Studies of mice published in Epilepsia have shown mixed results. While some found CBD was effective against seizures, others did not. This may be due to the way the drug was given, since some methods work better than others.

The idea of using the compounds found in marijuana to treat epilepsy is gaining appeal. Researchers must confirm its effectiveness, and solve the problem of strength and how to give it. Potency can vary widely from plant to plant. Inhaling the drug versus eating CBD can alter the strength as well. Buy legal marijuana online USA .

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