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1620 Elixir 125mg Lemonade’s

Edible Name:1620 Elixir 125mg Lemonade’s Variety: Hybrid Description: 125mg infused Lemonade’s all different flavors Buy 1620 Elixir 125mg Lemonade’s.

1906 Go Beans

Variety: Sativa (Sativa) Producer:1906 Description: Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans, 1:1 CBD, Lipid Micro Encapsulation Process allows these to work in

200mg THC “MILK” Chocolate Bar

Variety: Snow Bud (Hybrid)Strain  Name: Snow Bud  Flavors: Milk Chocolate . Description: Bhang THC Chocolate Bars! (Hybrid: Snow Bud) 200Mg

Amnesia 1000mg Gummies

Variety: Hybrid Flavors: Apple, Blueberry, Blue Raspberry, Various, Watermelon Producer: Amnesia Extractions Description: Amnesia Extractions handcrafted artisan edibles. Also,  Amnesia

Annie’s Infused Chocolate Flight

Variety: Mix (Hybrid) Producer: Willie’s Reserve Description: 4 Servings (8 Pieces) 40mg THC Total NON GMO~DAIRY FREE~GLUTEN FREE~100%VEGAN Roasted Cacao

Mango Jelly Bomb

Variety: MANGO JELLY BOMB 80MG THC BY TWISTED EXTRACTS (Hybrid) Twisted Extracts Mango Jelly Bomb is the perfect alternative to

Marys Dark Chocolate 300mg THC

Variety: Mary’s Dark Chocolate – 300mg THC (Hybrid) Description: Premium dark chocolate and 300mg of cannabis indica THC for a

Mastermind 5000mg Funghi Milk Bar (Hybrid)

Variety: Mastermind 5000mg Funghi Milk Bar (Hybrid) Mastermind 5000mg Funghi Milke Bar Ingesting Psilocybin Mushrooms has never tasted so good.

Stratos Relax Hybrid Capsules 500mg

Relax delivers a 50/50 hybrid strain-type THC. With balanced and relaxing body and head effects. Also, Relax is perfect for