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100 mg Sour Worms

Buy 100 mg Sour Worms Variety: Hybrid Description: 100mg THC infused sour worms 10 mg per worm 10 worms per

1000 mg Sour Watermelon Wedges

Buy 1000 mg Sour Watermelon Wedges online 1000mg THC infused sour watermelon wedges 25 mg per piece 40 pieces per

100mg Belt Bites

Buy 100mg Belt Bites online Variety: Hybrid, Description: 100mg THC infused belt bites 10 mg per piece 10 pieces per

1620 Elixir 125mg Lemonade’s

Edible Name:1620 Elixir 125mg Lemonade’s Variety: Hybrid Description: 125mg infused Lemonade’s all different flavors Buy 1620 Elixir 125mg Lemonade’s.

1620 Elixir Wedding cake 1000mg

Concentrate Name: 1620 Elixir Wedding cake 1000mg Variety: Indica Description: 1620 Elixir 1000mg Buy 1620 Elixir Wedding cake 1000mg.

1906 Go Beans

Variety: Sativa (Sativa) Producer:1906 Description: Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans, 1:1 CBD, Lipid Micro Encapsulation Process allows these to work in

200mg THC “MILK” Chocolate Bar

Variety: Snow Bud (Hybrid)Strain  Name: Snow Bud  Flavors: Milk Chocolate . Description: Bhang THC Chocolate Bars! (Hybrid: Snow Bud) 200Mg

Amnesia 1000mg Gummies

Variety: Hybrid Flavors: Apple, Blueberry, Blue Raspberry, Various, Watermelon Producer: Amnesia Extractions Description: Amnesia Extractions handcrafted artisan edibles. Also,  Amnesia

Annie’s Infused Chocolate Flight

Variety: Mix (Hybrid) Producer: Willie’s Reserve Description: 4 Servings (8 Pieces) 40mg THC Total NON GMO~DAIRY FREE~GLUTEN FREE~100%VEGAN Roasted Cacao

Cali crunch chocolate bars

Buy Cali Crunch Bars online 400 milligram Cali crunch chocolate bars. Butterfinger M&Ms Oreos Reeses Milk chocolate.

Curaleaf T1 Dutch Chocolate Cookie

Edible Name: Curaleaf T1 Dutch Chocolate Cookie Description: Each cookie contains 14mg of THC. Buy Curaleaf T1 Dutch Chocolate Cookie.

Curaleaf T24 Fudge Coated Graham Square

Edible Name: Curaleaf T24 Fudge Coated Graham Square – 3 Pack Description: 3 pack- 24.4mg THC each. Buy Curaleaf T24 Fudge