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Bhostco award winner premo flower prerolls CBD (1 gram)

Bhostco Prerolls are a High Times award winning product derived from the company Above Top Shelf! These 1 gram prerolls

FATTY’S Pre-Roll BOSS OG (Hybrid)3.5g

Buy FATTY’S Pre-Roll BOSS OG USA . Fatty’s THC Enhanced Prerolls are created with a special proprietary process that enhances

GLO – Space Candy(1 gram)

Buy GLO-Space Candy online Variety: Space Candy (Hybrid)Strain  Name: Space Candy Space Candy originally comes from Heroes of the Farm.

Moonrocks Pre-Rolled Joints

Moonrocks  Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa THC: 52.21% Moon Rock is an infamous take on the classic Girl Scout

Peach Rings 500mg

Unwind with sour, sugary relief when you bite into our Sugar Stoned peach rings. Also, these mouthwatering rings offers up