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Barefarms Sunset Sherbert Jpod

Buy Barefarms Sunset Sherbert Jpod Online. This jPod contains 1ml of Sunset Sherbert cannabis oil and is compatible with all

Bhang Cannabis Oil Vape Pen Cartridges(prefilled)

Bhang Cannabis Oil Vape Pen Cartridges(prefilled) Pure, Unaltered, Premium Quality. Never watered down or diluted, just 100% pure Cannabis Oil extracted

Black Label Co2 Oil Cartridge

THC: 70% CBD: less than 1% 1.155mg CBN: less than 1% .742mg
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Buy blue Dream Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge

Blue Dream Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge Oil Extraction Method: Sub-critical CO2 THC: (THC + THCa): 67.85% CBD:(CBD + CBDa): 0.35% CBN: 0.45%

Buy Dr Zodiak Lynwood Lemonade Cartridge

Buy Dr Zodiak Lynwood Lemonade Cartridge Online. Dr. Zodiak's Moonrock Clear Lynwood Lemonade is a high-end THC distillate that tests

Buy Peppermint CureBD Disposable Vape

Buy Peppermint CureBD Disposable Vape Online.  Full Spectrum CBD Oil. CureBD™ Disposable Vape – Peppermint 500mg.

Buy Pineapple Afghani Vape Cartridge

Buy Pineapple Afghani Vape Cartridge Pineapple Afghani Hybrid Taste: Sweet & Citrusy Pineapple Afghani has an aroma of pineapple with

FlavRx Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge

FlavRx Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge FlavRx cartridges are an ultra refined cannabis oil. Contains 0.5g volume 48.82% THC per cartridge.This

Gelato #44 marijuana

Gelato #44 marijuana


TYPE: Hybrid

Potency: THC 28.8%-32.2%  CBD 0.58%-00.6% Appearance: Coated with more orange hairs than I have ever seen on any bud, with bright orange pistils and silvery crystals so abundant they almost hide all the green. Aroma: Fruity and citrusy, but not like soda or candy. This pheno carries the scent of real fruit. Flavor: A deep and robust lavender taste you would not expect from a Girl Scout Cookie hybrid, not sweet but very thick and smooth. Effect: A nice “pick-me-up” in terms of mood and energy. Some noticeable physical relaxation in your joints, but the value of Gelato #41 is in its mood-altering head high. Medical Applicability: Highly recommended for anxiety, depression, or paranoia. Some value for joint pain or soreness, but that is not the primary feature here. Overall Impression: A cerebral, happy head high without paranoia or thought-paralysis. This is the rare premium, top-shelf smoke that also functions well for daytime productivity.

Girl Scout Cookies Vape Cartridge


Lab results: 74.8% THC – 0.44% CBD

GSC (f.k.a. Girl Scout Cookies) Hybrid Taste: Sweet & Earthy GSC (f.k.a. Girl Scout Cookies) is a hybrid of two very popular strains, OG Kush & Durban Poison. The result is euphoria paired with full-body relaxation and a cerebral high. Patients have reported that this popular strain helps with pain and nausea.

High THC Cannabis Oil 

High THC Cannabis Oil High THC Cannabis Oil  is 100% pure cannabis oil disposable syringes. We don’t blend our cannabis