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Variety:Rove (Hybrid) Description:Rove distillates are 86% THC in Child Resistant Packaging CA certified. OG Skywalker Mountain Goo Plat Scout Kush

Smiley Face Gummies 500mg

Edible Name:Smiley Face Gummies 500mg Variety:Hybrid Producer:Dank Gummies Buy Smiley Face Gummies 500mg

Sticky’s 1000 mg Gummy Bears

Buy Sticky’s 1000 mg Gummy Bears Variety:Hybrid Description:Sticky’s gummy bears 1000mg package 25 mg per Bear 40 Bears per package

THC lean

Edible Name:THC lean Variety:Raspberry (Indica Dominant Hybrid)Strain Name:Raspberry Flavors:Blue Raspberry 1000 mg of THC syrup only! This Drink will have you feeling Great